New Release! Version 0.0.55

What's New?

-New Character - Emma Brown - 2 outfits, 8 different facial expressions/poses

-Updated Mom's character model - 8 facial expressions/poses, 1 outfit, cleaned up art

-Updated Cat's character model - 12 facial expressions/poses, 2 outfits, cleaned up art

-Updated Ethan's character model - 8 facial expressions/poses, 1 outfit, cleaned up art

-Updated Playable Character's model - 22 different facial expressions/poses, 2 outfits, cleaned up art

-Updated UI for all buttons, textbox, checkbox, font

-New UI - status bar for day/time system

-3 New Backgrounds - Livingroom and Entryway in Long's house, Emma's bedroom in Brown's house

-Updated background for Emma's "getting dressed" scene

-New dialouge with Cat and Emma

-Fixed custom namebox bug

Hi everyone,

It's been a few weeks since our initial 0.0.01 release now, and it's been great hearing the feedback so far! We've been kicking out some smaller updates these last few weeks to build out the town and add more content to our game. We are VERY excited to announce our plans for about our first major update (Beaver Falls v0.1.00).

In this next update we will be implementing a fully functional day and time system. This is going to open up the town so we can start adding all of the story and game elements we've been working towards. The day and time may affect things like where a character is located, what they may be doing, what they're wearing, and what dialouge and scenes you can unlock with them. Major events and sex scenes with characters will move forward the time. You will have the freedom to spend your time however you please, as Beaver Falls is NOT a linear game.

This big update will be coming in about two weeks, along with lots of new dynamic storylines and scenes, and plenty of secrets to uncover. We will be adding a lot of fun little details and polish as we go too, to make sure the town has that personality and charm that we want as it continues to grow. 

Of course, we still have A TON of characters and new locations to add to the game as well. We will continue to sprinkle in new characters and locations as we shift our focus towards weaving in intricate story options and a more open-world gameplay.

There's some exciting stuff to come. Stay tuned guys!

Yoyo & Miko

-Big update coming in two weeks
-Will implement fully functional day/time system to allow for open world and tons of story


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Mar 18, 2018

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